"I have a dream."
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In 2003, Lee Roland was called upon to be the principal of Tulakes Elementary School. High suspension rates, teacher and principal turnover, and 100% free and reduced lunch, are just a few of the challenges that would await him. A decade later, suspension rates would be nearly zero, teachers would have their own children in these classrooms, and a new standard of hope and excellence would fill the halls.

Mr. Roland's dynamic, bridge-building presentation of cultural truths has been presented across greater Oklahoma City to educators, leaders, and churches. His tenure at Tulakes has been marked with long hours, little sleep, and the tremendous satisfaction of true change taking place for the students.

Today, Lee has made the decision to seek to impact this next generation even more effectively by taking the show on the road, taking his life changing system to leaders, administrators, and educators across the country.

Coaching educators for effectiveness►
✔ To educate teachers on how to effectively/successfully work with high challenge schools
✔ Provide motivational resource tools for teachers and administrators

Consulting Objectives for Schools/School Districts:
✔ Improve school culture and climate
✔ Raise achievement through measurable factors
✔ Lower suspensions
✔ Increase their leadership capacity
✔ Enhance teacher accountability



Twelve years ago, among the 19 elementary schools in the Putnam city school district, Tulakes was infamous for the following:

Highest suspensions and retentions   

•At or near the lowest test scores

High staff turnover with low morale



Today, Tulakes Elementary’s test scores rival any school in the district.  Most notably, the school has the lowest suspension rate with only one suspension in the last two years of his leadership!  Teacher retention, student transfers, and student performance at Tulakes has become the result of Lee’s emphasis on teamwork within the school.  Lee is passionate about showing educators the powerful difference that effective leadership and training can make in any school.  Lee attributes teacher empowerment, transformational learning, diversity awareness, and self-leadership amongst students – to the miraculous success at Tulakes.  




We change lives through education, motivation and love.
— Lee Roland