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Mr. Lee Roland has lovingly labored as an educator and administrator for 30 years. He currently serves on staff at The Parish in Oklahoma City, as well as a Motivational Speaker, Education Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Southern Nazarene University. Lee Roland is formerly the proud principal of 12 years of Tulakes Elementary in the Putnam City School District. His new book, The Fantastic Voyage: A Story of School Turnaround and Achievement by Overcoming Poverty and Addressing Race, wonderfully chronicles the success of he and his staff in an at-risk community in Northwest Oklahoma City that had only known failure prior to his arrival

Mr. Roland has always labored exhaustively yet ardently in the field to both serve and meet the needs of students, teachers and parents. His dedication and determination is clearly evident as he endeavors to inspire and propel others who serve, to touch lives and to make a difference, particularly for children.

In addition to enjoying great success in his roles as a special education teacher, principal, and area superintendent, Lee Roland has spoken and presented at countless conferences, venues, and workshops across Oklahoma and the United States, particularly on the subjects of character education, working with children of poverty, and teacher efficacy. Roland continues to serve on numerous city, civic, and community boards, mostly involving the welfare of children. He believes that it is America’s moral obligation to improve our society via the public school, which is one of his foremost missions in life.

Married to his best friend for 38 years. They have 2 adult children and 1 grandchild.