"I have a dream."



Teacher motivation/inspiration

The job of a teacher is arguably more difficult than it has ever been. Thus, staying motivated is equally challenging. Lee has a remedy of inspiration for what ails you. 


Being the designated leader doesn’t mean that others will follow. Lee Roland wholehearted believes that is is absurd for “leaders” to discover this sad truth on their own. He will explain fail-safe methods to lead in the area of service.

teacher/parent/student relationships

Positive relationships among teachers, parents and students is an ingredient for success. Mr. Roland has an assortment of methods that helped his school achieve a partnership.

Becoming a team

Competing as an individual is great if you are a boxer, tennis player or figure skater. There is one winner and one loser. However, in schools, churches and other organizations, there are multiple winners and losers, and it takes teamwork. Lee will show you how to work towards coalescence.

Achieving peak performance

There are at least two ways to get the job done: 1) just barely and 2) very well done. Assuming you want the latter, Lee Roland will help show you how.

understanding/embracing diversity

Mr. R calls race the “Pink Elephant” in the room. However, the elephant is very conspicuous when final statistics are revealed and when problems arise. He’ll help you successfully confront the elephant and get it out of the room (where it belongs.)